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Systems Safety and Engineering

An image of a railroad crossing sign

Volpe’s Systems Safety and Engineering Division conducts engineering, research, and analysis to improve transportation safety, capacity, and resiliency. We provide program management, monitoring, and technical assistance services for federal multi-billion-dollar grant programs throughout the United States.

Using our expertise in the various engineering disciplines, we serve on numerous research, standards development, and regulatory development committees to assist transportation administrations in meeting their requirements.

Our team does the following:

  • Research highway-railroad grade crossing solutions that can reduce injuries and fatalities at railroad and transit grade crossings
  • Examine engineering, education, and enforcement methods that can be used to reduce injuries and fatalities due to trespassing on railroad and transit right-of-way
  • Conduct risk analysis associated with various modes of transportation to improve safety


  • Technical, analytical, and project management in the planning, development, operation, and evaluation of railroad and transit systems and technologies
  • Transportation safety regulations and standards development and implementation support
  • Technical oversight of federal investments in capital improvement projects
  • Technical assistance and training on regulatory compliance and safety assurance
Updated: Friday, June 15, 2018