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Employee Benefits
The U.S. DOT Volpe Center offers an attractive and competitive benefits package for our employees. (Photo: Adobe Stock) 

The U.S. DOT Volpe Center offers a wide range of benefits that support your personal needs and financial goals. Our benefits package is designed to help our employees and their families more effectively balance their personal and professional lives.


Our competitive benefits package includes the following: 

DC Pickleball Team
Our team offers opportunities to get together outside work - case in point, meet our D.C. colleagues' pickleball league semifinal champions, the Department of Pickles. (U.S. DOT Volpe Center photo) 

Work-life Balance

We encourage our employees to achieve a healthy balance in their personal and professional lives. That’s why we provide a number of services to help our staff achieve their career goals while meeting their family responsibilities.

To encourage our employees to achieve a healthy balance in their personal and professional lives, our comprehensive leave package includes:  

  • Vacation time
  • Sick leave
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Paid Parental Leave (PPL) under FMLA (maternity/paternity)
  • Compensatory time (regular, travel, and religious)
  • Credit hours
  • Court leave
  • Donor leave (bone marrow or organ)
  • Military leave 
  • Potential time off awards 
  • Leave Bank and Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (self and family emergencies)

Employee Union

The National Association of Government Employees (NAGE) Local R1-195 has worked with the U.S. DOT Volpe Center management since 1970 to promote a strong U.S. DOT Volpe Center, empowered workers, highly satisfied customers, a respected value system in the workplace, and Congressional support for our work. 

NAGE Local R1-195 serves in a traditional collective-bargaining role and is the exclusive representative of our non-supervisory technical, administrative, and professional employees in all labor-management matters. It has been representing U.S. DOT Volpe Center staff throughout our history, having been certified in November 1970 within four months of the establishment of the U.S. DOT Volpe Center. 

For more information about NAGE at the U.S. DOT Volpe Center, please contact George Hebert at 617-494-3262 or