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Safety Management and Human Factors

What We Do

Our Center for Safety Management and Human Factors improves transportation safety by developing and applying innovative safety management and human factors processes and principles to our sponsors’ research and demonstration projects.

We collaborate broadly to advance research and improve business practices, leading OST-R and DOT in identifying, developing, and communicating state-of-the-art practices in safety management and human performance.

We develop and apply cutting-edge approaches to safety management (including safety assurance, hazard analysis, safety culture, and communication and regulation) and safety data to extend their utility and transparency.

We pioneer ways to improve the interactions between humans, transportation systems, and current and emerging technologies that enhance transportation safety, security, and productivity.

The results of our work equip transportation decision makers at all levels of government and industry with the information and tools necessary to

  • Determine how best to allocate  resources to mitigate risks in the transportation system
  • Efficiently and effectively conduct safety oversight and enforcement
  • Improve the overall safety of transportation, reducing deaths, injuries, and property damage
  • Design transportation systems to reduce the likelihood and minimize the consequences of human error


Our work is organized into four divisions—each specializing in a different facet and mode of safety management and human factors:

Featured Work

Updated: Tuesday, September 4, 2018