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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation


Executive Leadership

Anne Aylward

Anne D. Aylward - Volpe Director
Anne D. Aylward is the Volpe director.
Read more about Anne D. Aylward

Sue Connors

Susan M. Connors - Deputy Director for Operations
Susan M. Connors is the deputy director for Operations.
Read more about Susan M. Connors

Dr. Stephen M. Popkin - Deputy Director for Research and Technology
Dr. Stephen Popkin is the deputy director for Research and Technology.
Read more about Dr. Stephen M. Popkin

Technical Leadership

Kevin Clark Kevin Clark - Air Traffic Systems and Operations
Kevin Clark is the acting director of Air Traffic Systems and Operations.
Read more about Kevin Clark
Gregg Fleming
Gregg G. Fleming - Policy, Planning, and Environment
Gregg G. Fleming is the director of Policy, Planning, and Environment.
Maura Lohrenz
Maura Lohrenz - Safety Management and Human Factors
Maura Lohrenz is the director of Safety Management and Human Factors.
Luisa Paiewonsky
Luisa Paiewonsky - Infrastructure Systems and Technology
Luisa Paiewonsky is the director of Infrastructure Systems and Technology.

Organizational Directors

Cassandra C. Allwell. Cassandra C. Allwell - Communication and Knowledge Management
Cassandra C. Allwell is the director of Communication and Knowledge Management.
Read more about Cassandra Allwell
Ellen Bell

Ellen E. Bell - Strategic Initiatives for Research and Innovation
Ellen E. Bell is the director of Strategic Initiatives for Research and Innovation.
Read more about Ellen E. Bell

Helen Blackman Helen A. Blackman - Organizational Culture and Work Life
Helen A. Blackman is the director of Organizational Culture and Work Life.
Read more about Helen A. Blackman
Monica Conyngham

Monica Conyngham - Chief Counsel
Monica Conyngham is the Chief Counsel.
Read more about Monica Conyngham

Portrait of Dave Duncan

David S. Duncan - Property Exchange
David Duncan is the project director of the U.S. DOT Property Exchange.
Read more about David S. Duncan

Maurice Desruisseau Maurice Desruisseau - Information Technology
Maurice Desruisseau is the acting director of Information Technology.
Read more about Maurice Desruisseau
Kerri-Lee DeRusha

Kerri-Lee DeRusha - Facilities Management
Kerri-Lee DeRusha is the director of Facilities.
Read more about Kerri-Lee DeRusha

Mary Doherty

Mary E. Doherty - Acquisitions
Mary E. Doherty is the director of Acquisitions.
Read more about Mary E. Doherty


Eliot Sutler - Equal Employment Opportunity
Eliot Sutler is the director of Equal Employment Opportunity.
Read more about Eliot Sutler

Devin Ure Devin Ure - Finance
Devin Ure is the director of Finance.
Read more about Devin Ure
La Var Williams

La Var M. Williams - Human Resources
La Var M. Williams is the director of Human Resources.
Read more about La Var M. Williams

Last updated: Monday, April 5, 2021