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Fiscal Year 2021 Awards

FY21 Solicitation Phase I Awards

Topic Title Award Information and Link to Abstract
Device for Assessing Environmental Impact of Post-Consumer Waste Plastic in Highway and Airfield Materials and Pavements (21-FH1)

Optowares, Inc. - Woburn, MA
Autonomous, In-Situ Fugitive Microplastic Detector and Datalogger
PI: Noah Kolodziejski

In-situ Determination of Pore Solution Resistivity (21-FH2)

Callentis Consulting Group, LLC - Austin, TX
In-situ Determination of Pore Solution Resistivity
PI: Andrii Drach

Accelerating Performance Testing Using the Asphalt Mixture Performance Tester (AMPT) Equipment (21-FH3) Engineering & Software Consultants, Inc. - Chantilly, VA
PI: Michael Elwardany
Reference Hardware for Infrastructure GPS Abnormality Detector for Connected and Automated Vehicle Applications (21-FH4)

Coherent Technical Services, Inc. - Lexington Park, MD
Assured Connected and Automated Vehicle (CV/AV) Navigation
PI: Nathan Green

Integrated Solutions for Systems - Huntsville, AL
GPS Anomaly Detection System
PI: David Hodo

Automated Vehicles: Deployment of Traffic Warning Devices (Triangles) (21-FM1)

Creare LLC - Hanover, NH
An Automated Traffic Warning Device Deployment System for Autonomous Vehicles
PI: Benjamin Cameron

Readiness Assessment Technology (21-FM2)

Design Interactive, Inc. - Orlando, FL
PI: Jeffrey Hullfish

Pulsar Informatics, Inc. - Seattle, WA
PVT DriveFit - A System to Deliver an Objective Quantifiable Measure of Driver Alertness
PI: Daniel Mollicone

Passenger Train Exterior Side Door Safety (21-FR1) Newport Sensors, Inc. - New York, NY
Wireless Sensing and Warning System (WS2) for Passenger Train Door Safety
PI: Masato Mizuta
Wheel Measuring Device (21-FR2)

ADA Technologies, Inc. - Littleton, CO
Micro-Scale, High-Accuracy, Photogrammetry Equipment (MSHAPE)
PI: Karl Reinig

Synetics Systems Engineering - Corona, CA
Wheel Inspector
PI: Simon Bourne

Robots for Unmanned Disinfection and Decontamination of Transit Assets (21-FT1)

Advent Innovations Limited Company - Columbia, SC
Fully Autonomous Omnidirectional Adaptive Robots for the Disinfection and Decontamination of Transit Assets
PI: Mohammadsadegh Sadatzi

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Inspect, Repair and Sanitize Transit Vehicles (21-FT2)

Interphase Materials, Inc. - Pittsburgh, PA
Artificial Intelligence Enabled Risk Assessment Tool for Condition-Based Sanitization of Public Transit Vehicles
PI: Noah Snyder

Preteckt - Memphis, TN
Artificial Intelligence for Maintenance on Buses (AIM on Bus)
PI: Krish Inbarajan

Securing Safe Passage when Crossing a Roadway to Board Buses (21-NH1)

HAAS, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Child Safety Using Optical and V2X Digital Alerting Technology to Bring School Buses and Students on the Vehicle Grid for Collision Prevention
PI: Cory Hohs

International Electronic Machines Corporation - Troy, NY
Illuminated Virtual Crosswalk and Threat Detection System
PI: Marc Pearlman

Ignition Interlock Device Data-Integrated Mobile Device App (21-NH2)

Design Interactive, Inc. - Orlando, FL
Mobile Intoxication management Tool (MIT)
PI: Brent Winslow

Lithium Ion Battery Packaging (21-PH1)

Energy Storage Safety Products International, LLC - Detroit, MI
Battery Logistics Integrated Safety System (BLISS)
PI: Ronald Butler

Marine Fire Systems, LLC - Green Bay, WI
Active Termination of Lithium-Ion Battery Fires and Thermal Runaway
PI: Don Murray

FY21 Solicitation Phase II/IIB Awards

Topic Title Award Information and Link to Abstract
Accurate and Rapid Measurement of Adsorption Capacity of Fly Ash in Concrete Mixtures (17.1-FH1)

PhosphorTech - Kennesaw, GA
Monitoring Under Geohazard Conditions
PI: Arun Thamban

Rapid Assessment of Air Void System in Fresh Concrete (17.1-FH2)

Creare - Hanover, NH
Real-Time, In-Situ Measurement of Void Fraction and Specific Surface in Fresh Concrete
PI: Jed Wilbur

Detection of THC Use in Drivers (17.1-NH1)

Giner - Newton, MA
Detection of THC Use in Drivers
PI: Dr. Badawi Dweik

Vox Biomedical - Bedford, MA 
Driver Breath Measurement of Marijuana Intoxication by Infrared Spectroscopy
PI: Dr. Kurt Linden

Digital Application to Improve Consumers Access to NHTSA Safety Information (180-NH1) IT WORKS/Volanno – Washington, D.C.
Synoptic Approach to Harmonize Discrete Data Streams in Application Development
PI: Ankush Karnik
Innovative, Low-Cost Methods for Concrete Bridge Deck Assessment (190-FH2)

Transtek - Orlando, FL
Fast Track Ultrasonic Imaging of Concrete Bridge Decks Using Roller Type Array Transducers
PI: Dr. Kien Dinh

Portable Stiffness/Elastic Modulus Measurement System (190-FR1) Earth Science Systems - Wheat Ridge, CO
Ballast Seismic Property Analyzer (BSPA) for Railway Substructure Modulus and Assessments
PI: Dr. Charles Oden
Cost Allocation Technology for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (190-FT1) RLS & Associates - Dayton, OH 45439
RLS & Associates, Inc. 190-FT1 Submission
PI: Richard Garrity
Physical Intervention System for Wrong-way (20-FH1) RS Solutions - Scottsdale, AZ
RF Viper System for Wrong-Way Drivers
PI: Jay Berens
Innovative Layered Composite Metal Deck System (20-FH2)

Precast Systems Engineering - Exmore, VA
Modular Lightweight Composite Deck
PI: JP Binard

Real-time Monitoring and Modeling of Scour (20-FH3) Genex - Wheat Ridge, CO
Advancing Bathymetry and Streamflow Survey to Real-Time Scour Prediction: An Automated Algorithm
PI: Chao Huang
AI-Aided Machine Vision for Grade Crossing Safety (20-FR2)

Wi-Tronix - Bolingbrook, IL
Artificial Intelligence for Monitoring Crossing Infrastructure and to Improve Grade Crossing Safety
PI: Jagadeeswaran Rathinavel

Platform Edge Proximity Detection to Prevent Inadvertent Passenger Car Door Opening (20-FR3) Newport Sensors, Inc. - New York, NY
Intelligent Door Operation System (IDOS)
PI: Masato Mizuta
Crushed Aggregate Gradation Evaluation System (20-FR4) Oceanit - Honolulu, HI
AIM-Rail (AI Measurements for Railroad Aggregate)
PI: Manabu (Mark) Kimura
In-Vehicle Occupant Detection System (20-NH1) Zeteo Tech - Sykesville, MD
Development of ZTF Occupant Detection System
PI: Ross Kliegman
Development and Validation of Inline Inspection (ILI) Technologies for Circumferential Anomalies and Bending Stresses (20-PH1)

Creare - Hanover, NH
Robust, Field-Ready, Inline Tool for the Accurate Measurement of Pipe Bending Stresses and Crack Detection
PI: Dr. Francisco Valentin
Email: ​​​

Jentek - Marlborough, MA
MWM Array Bending Stress and Crack Detection In-Line Inspection Module
PI: Todd Dunford

Internal Repair of Steel Transmission Pipelines (20-PH2)

QuakeWrap - Tucson, AZ
No-Dig Point Repair Technology for Steel O&G Pipelines
PI: Firat Sever

Geohazard Identification and Quantification for Pipeline Risk Models (20-PH3) Paulsson - Van Nuys, CA
Fiber Optic Sensors for Direct Pipeline
PI: Björn Paulsson