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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

The U.S. DOT Volpe Center’s 2017 Reports

Monday, February 5, 2018

The U.S. DOT Volpe National Transportation Systems Center published more than 70 reports and conference papers in 2017 spanning a breadth of transportation topics that advance U.S. DOT’s priorities: safety, infrastructure, innovation, and accountability.

These reports are housed in the National Transportation Library and are listed below by topic areas. Select the linked report titles to preview and download copies of the Volpe Center’s 2017 transportation resources.

You can also access the Volpe Center’s full collection of reports, journal articles, and conference presentations and papers through the Volpe Technical Resource Center.



Analysis of Controller-Pilot Voice Communications from Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center
Tracy Lennertz, Kim Cardosi, Alan Yost, Alison Bisch

Analysis of Reportable Events in Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center
Kim Cardosi, Tracy Lennertz, Alan Yost

Flight Deck Human Factors Issues for National Airspace System (NAS) En Route Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC)
Kim Cardosi, Tracy Lennertz

Line Pilot Perspectives on Complexity of Terminal Instrument Flight Procedures
Divya Chandra, Rebecca Markunas

Loss of Controller-Pilot Voice Communications in Domestic En Route Airspace
Kim Cardosi, Tracy Lennertz


Blunt Impact Tests of Retired Passenger Locomotive Fuel Tanks
Michael Carolan, Przemyslaw Rakoczy, Karina Jacobsen

Locomotive Crash Energy Management Coupling Tests
Patricia Llana, David Tyrell

Passenger Car Crippling End-Load Test and Analyses
Michael Carolan, et al.

Passenger/Freight Train Collision September 12, 2008, Chatsworth, CA: Main Report and Appendices
David Tyrell, Kristine Severson, Karina Jacobsen, Michael Carolan, et al.

The Reporting of Suicide and Trespass Incidents by Online Media in the United States
Scott Gabree, Bianka Mejia

Results of a Diesel Multiple Unit Fuel Tank Blunt Impact Test
Karina Jacobsen, Michael Carolan

2015 Right-of-Way Fatality and Trespass Prevention Workshop
James Harrison, Marco daSilva


Cargo Tank Incident Study (CTIS): Rollover Data and Risk Framework
Clark Calabrese, Ingrid Bartinique, Alison Bisch, Mark Raney, Rebecca Markunas

Impact of the Legalization and Decriminalization of Marijuana on the DWI System: Highlights from the Expert Panel Meeting
Kathy Blythe, Jeffrey Bryan, Heidi Coleman, Eve Rutyna, Felicity Shanahan



Commercial Aviation: A New Era for the U.S. Economy and Global Prestige: Workshop Overview
Adnan Akay, Gregg Fleming, Robert Helweg, George Maling, Tamar Nordenberg, Eric Wood

Comparison of Potential Temperature Gradient Estimates from Various Temperature Profile Data Sources
Robert Robins, Kenneth Underwood, Frank Wang

Engineering a Quieter America: Commercial Aviation: A New Era - Workshop Final Report
Adnan Akay, Gregg Fleming, Robert Helweg, George Maling, Tamar Nordenberg, Eric Wood

FAA Perspectives on Historical Wake Turbulence R&D to Recent Operational Implementations
James Hallock, David Burnham, Frank Wang

Polar Source Analysis
Eric Boeker, Juliet Page, Chris Cutler


United States-European Commission Urban Freight Twinning Initiative: Compendium of Project Summaries
Alisa Fine, DJ Mason, Pepper Santalucia


St. Lawrence Seaway: Overview of Safety, Efficiency, Operational, and Environmental Issues
David Perlman, Joseph Stanford, Eric Wallischeck

St. Lawrence Seaway: Potential Opportunities for the Application of Information and Communication Technologies
David Perlman, Joseph Stanford, Eric Wallischeck


Causes and Prevention of Splitting/Bursting Failure of Concrete Crossties: A Computational Study
Hailing Yu

Finite Element Analysis of Contributing Factors to the Horizontal Splitting Cracks in Concrete Crossties Pretensioned with Seven-Wire Strands
Hailing Yu


GTFS for Estimating Transit Ridership and Supporting Multimodal Performance Measures
Eric Burkman, Frances Fisher, Logan Nash, Alex Oberg, Paul Teicher, Emma Vinella-Brusher, Stephen Zitzow-Childs

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transit Investment Development: Programmatic Assessment
Gina Filosa, Carson Poe, Maya Sarna

Efficient Movement of People and Goods

Commercially Available Electric Tram Evaluation, Evaluation Results Fish and Wildlife Service In-Service Testing
F. Scott Lian

Eisenhower National Historic Site Visitor Transportation and Access Study
Jessica Baas, Eric Burkman, Heather Hannon, Danielle Kittredge, Adam Perruzzi, Patrick Shea

Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Transportation Planning Study
Benjamin Rasmussen, Elijah Henley, James Andrew, Laurie Miskimins, Lauren Deaderick

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area Water Trail Plan
Jonathan Frazier, Alexandra Markiewicz, Benjamin Rasmussen

NPS National Transit Inventory and Performance Report, 2015
Jessica Baas, David Daddio, Alexandra McNally, Adam Perruzzi, Eric Burkman, Heather Richardson

National Long Range Transportation Plan
Kevin McCoy, Ken Abel, Christine Bruins, Jonah Chiarenza, Jason Coccia, Rachel Collins, Jonathan Frazier, John Gerbich, Michael Kay, Alex Linthicum, Bryce Lloyd, Kevin Percival

National Park Service Digital Transit Data Sharing Pilot Results and Discussion
Logan Nash, Krista Sherwood, Eric Burkman, Jonathan Frazier

Pullman Transportation Plan: A Transportation and Access Plan for Pullman National Monument and the Surrounding Neighborhood

White River National Forest Hanging Lake Transportation and Operations Study
Benjamin Rasmussen, Lauren Deaderick

White River National Forest Hanging Lake Visitor Transportation Survey: Summary of Results
Benjamin Rasmussen, Lauren Deaderick

Geographical Information Systems

Geospatial Information System Capability Maturity Models
Michael Green, Anthony Lucivero, Andrew Reovan, Drew Quinton


Annual Accomplishments: Advancing Transportation Innovation for the Public Good
Ellen Bell, Nathan Grace, Philip Thornton, Jacqueline Johnson, Katherine Blythe, Cassandra Oxley, Andrew MacDougall, Clark Merrefield, Sara Forni, Ingrid Bartinique, Dan Morin

Automated Driving

Estimation of Potential Safety Benefits for Pedestrian Crash Avoidance/Mitigation Systems
Mikio Yanagisawa, Elizabeth Swanson, Philip Azeredo, Wassim Najm

Test and Evaluation of Vehicle Platooning Proof-Of-Concept Based on Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control
Tim Tiernan, Nicholas Richardson, Philip Azeredo, Wassim Najm, Taylor Lochrane

Mobility and Emissions Modeling of Automated Vehicles: Department of Energy SMART Mobility Workshop, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, November 17, 2016
Andrew Eilbert, Stephen Bransfield, George Noel, Brian O’Donnell, Scott Smith

Drone Integration

Human Factors Considerations for the Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the National Airspace System: An Analysis of Reports Submitted to the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)
Kim Cardosi, Tracy Lennertz

UAS Flight Test for Safety and for Efficiency
Seamus McGovern

UAS Noise Measurement and Certification Status Tigershark Measurements, Tracking System Development, and Certification Metrics Status
David Senzig, Mehmet Marsan, Robert Downs, Aaron Hastings, Christopher Cutler, Robert Samiljan


Potential Environmental Effects of the Leading Edge Hydrokinetic Energy Technology
Erika Sudderth, Kristin Lewis, Jordan Cumper, Abygail Mangar, Dan Flynn


Evaluation of Promoting Roadside Revegetation: An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants
Carson Poe, Travis Mast, Paige Colton

Federal Highway Administration Research and Technology Evaluation: National Household Travel Survey Program Final Report
Lora Chajka-Cadin, Margaret Petrella, Chris Timmel, Emily Futcher, Jacob Mittleman

Highway Renewable Energy: Photovoltaic Noise Barriers
Carson Poe, Amy Plovnick, Tina Hodges, Aaron Hastings, Sue Dresley

The Potential of Multiple Connected and Federated Simulators and Models for Highway Transportation Research
Donald Fisher, Nate Deshmukh-Towery, Melissa Wong, Elizabeth Machek, Gina Melnik, Maura Lohrenz

Sustainable Rest Area Design and Operations
Amy Plovnick, Angela Berthaume, Carson Poe, Tina Hodges

Technology Readiness Level Guidebook
Nate Deshmukh-Towery, Elizabeth Machek, Anthony Thomas

Safety and Security

Report to Congress on Innovative Safety and Security Technology Solutions for Alternative Transportation Facilities
Lora Chajka-Cadin, Robert Hoaglund, Christopher Calley

Safety Culture: A Significant Influence on Safety in Transportation
Stephanie Morrow, Michael Coplen


Performance Measurement

Amtrak Performance Tracking (APT) System: Methodology Summary
Greg Bucci , David Hyde, Ronald Mauri

FMCSA Safety Program Effectiveness Measurement: Roadside Intervention Effectiveness Model, Fiscal Year 2013
Suzanne Horton, Eran Segev, Neil Meltzer

FMCSA Safety Program Effectiveness Measurement: Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model (CIEM), Version 1.1 Report for Fiscal Year 2013 Interventions
Eran Segev, Neil Meltzer

FMCSA Safety Program Effectiveness Measurement: Carrier Intervention Effectiveness Model, Version 1.1 Technical Report
Eran Segev, Neil Meltzer

FRA Methods and Approaches in Environmental Analysis and Critical NEPA Procedures
Jamie Maughan, Travis Mast

Transportation Planning

Every Place Counts Leadership Academy: Stories from Community Transportation Leaders

Freight Planning and Regional Cooperation in the Piedmont Atlantic Megaregion: A Regional Models of Cooperation Peer Exchange Summary Report
Kevin McCoy, Alexandra McNally

Happy, Healthy, Smart Cities Symposium in Knoxville, Tennessee: A TPCB Peer Exchange
Philip Erickson, David Vega-Barachowitz

Health in Transportation Working Group 2016 Annual Report
Jared Fijalkowski, Amy Plovnick

Integrated Corridor Management Initiative: Traveler Response Panel Survey Dallas
Lucas Conwell, Margaret Petrella

Metropolitan Pedestrian and Bicycle Planning Handbook
James Andrew, Jessica Baas, Anna Biton

Mid-America Regional Council Scenario Planning Workshop: Sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration
Rachel Strauss McBrien

Mid-South Megaregion Freight Planning Meeting and Workshop; Memphis, Tennessee; December 8th, 2016
Jesse Davis, Terry Regan

National Capital Region Federal Parking Study: An Accessibility-Based Approach for Federal Facilities Parking Policies
David Daddio, Jessica Baas, Drew Quinton, Stephen Zitzow-Childs, Scott Smith

Regional Cooperation and Transportation Planning in Alaska: A Regional Models of Cooperation Peer Exchange Summary Report
Alexandra Markiewicz, Kevin McCoy

State DOT Tribal Liaison Roundtable: A TPCB Peer Exchange
Jared Fijalkowski, Amy Sheridan

TMA Certification Review State-of-the-Practice Review Report: 2016
Jared Fijalkowski, Christopher Timmel

Trends in Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plans: Core and Emerging Topics in 2017
Angela Berthaume, William Lyons, Alexandra McNally, Adam Perruzzi, Erica Simmons

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