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Volpe’s Recent Reports Inform the Future of Aviation

Monday, October 16, 2017

Aviation is a particular focus of Volpe’s work across modes, with recent work in global positioning system resilience, energy and the environment, navigation and surveillance, aviation safety, and much more.

Check out this brochure for these recent aviation-related reports highlighting a wide range of Volpe’s aviation expertise:

Energy and the Environment

U.S. Airport Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventories: State-of-the-Practice and Recommendations for Airports

Alternative Fuel Transportation Optimization Tool: Description, Methodology, and Demonstration Scenarios

Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT): Technical Manual, Version 2b, Service Pack 3

Polar Source Analysis

Global Positioning Systems

Global Positioning System (GPS) Civil Signal Monitoring (CSM) Trade Study Report

GPS Dependencies in the Transportation Sector: an Inventory of Global Positioning System Dependencies in the Transportation Sector, Best Practices for Improved Robustness of GPS Devices, and Potential Alternative Solutions for Positioning, Navigation and Timing

Human Factors

An Algorithm for Generating Data Accessibility Recommendations for Flight Deck Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) Applications

Analysis of Controller-Pilot Voice Communications from Kansas City Air Route Traffic Control Center

Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI) and Airport Moving Map Industry Survey

Evaluating a De-Cluttering Technique for NextGen RNAV and RNP Charts

Human Factors Considerations in the Design and Evaluation of Flight Deck Displays and Controls: Version 2.0

Human Factors Considerations for the Integration of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in the National Airspace System: an Analysis of Reports Submitted to the Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS)

Line Pilot Perspectives on Complexity of Terminal Instrument Flight Procedures

Loss of Controller-Pilot Voice Communications in Domestic En Route Airspace

Progression of Human Factors Considerations for the In-Trail Procedure

Use of Color on Airport Moving Maps and Cockpit Displays of Traffic Information (CDTIs)


Earth-Referenced Aircraft Navigation and Surveillance Analysis

RNAV (GPS) Total System Error Models for Use in Wake Encounter Risk Analysis of Dependent Paired Approaches to Closely-Spaced Parallel Runways: Project Memorandum - February 2014

Wake Vortices

FAA Perspectives on Historical Wake Turbulence R&D to Recent Operational Implementation

Unmanned Aircraft

UAS Flight Test for Safety and for Efficiency

The Volpe Center’s Technical Resource Center is the knowledge repository of all Volpe-authored reports, journal articles, and conference papers and presentations. With over 4,500 Volpe-authored publications in the National Transportation Library, plus a physical collection of 27,000 books, technical reports, and subscriptions, the Technical Resource Center's collection represents a wealth of transportation literature.

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