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Current Contracts

Current Volpe Center-wide contracts are listed below.

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Traffic Management Systems Engineering and Development Support (TMSEDS) Services

This is one part of the sixth iteration of the Communication, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) Full and Open multiple award contracts. Following Traffic Management and Infrastructure Systems (TMIS), the work divided into three areas and got new names: ATEPS, ATEPS SBSA, and TMSEDS. These TMSEDS contracts were awarded in March 10, 2017 (FY2017). (See the fourth iteration of CNS F&O [then called CNS/TM] contracts on the FOIA Archived Contracts page. See also the fifth iteration of the CNS F&O multiple award contracts – called TMIS herein the FOIA Current Contracts.)

8(a) Communications and Operations Research Analysis (CORA) Support Services

The CORA contracts were awarded in December 2013 (FY2014).  (See the previous V-TRAC contracts on the FOIA Archived Contracts page).

Air Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) (Small Business Set-Aside Competition [SBSA])

These CNS contracts got a new name – ATMS – and are the fourth iteration of the CNS SBSA multi-award contracts. These contracts were awarded in May 2014 (FY2014). (See the previous CNS SBSA [then called CNS/TTM] contracts on the FOIA Archived Contracts page).

Operations, Research and Analysis (ORA) Services (Full and Open Competition)

These ORA F&O contracts are the fifth iteration of the ORA multiple award contracts. These contracts were awarded in November 2014 (FY2015). (See the previous ORA F&O contracts on the FOIA Archived Contracts page).

Support On-Site for Information Technology (SOFITS) (Full and Open Competition)

The SOFITS contracts were awarded in September 2015 (FY2015). (See the previous V-TRIPS contracts on the FOIA Archived Contracts page).

  • Contract No. DTRT57-15-D-30017 (PDF)
    Functional Area:  Information Technology Support
    Contractor: Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT), Inc.
  • Contract No. DTRT57-15-D-30018 (PDF)
    Functional Area: Information Systems Security and Privacy Support
    Contractor: Lunarline, Inc.
Updated: Tuesday, July 2, 2019