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Rethinking the Human-Autonomy Architecture

Amy Pritchett speaks to an audience at the Volpe Center.

October 24, 2017

With automation appearing more and more across daily life—including in air and ground travel—tasks we think of as belonging to humans may soon be taken over by computers, and there could be consequences that haven’t yet been imagined, said Amy Pritchett, professor and head of the...

Real-Time Solar Powered Traffic Data Network

October 23, 2017

With the support of the U.S. DOT SBIR program, the Federal Highway Administration, and the National Park Service, Intelligent Automation, Inc. developed, tested, and deployed a low-profile, multi-sensor, low power-consumption, light-weight, and visually unobtrusive tool that...

DOTWASH Tackles Invasive Species Catching a Ride on Construction Vehicles

Examples of seeds planted on a truck and process through the DOTWASH system.

October 16, 2017

Invasive species and noxious weeds can destroy entire ecosystems, stemming from something as seemingly innocuous as a seed latching to the bottom of a dump truck. Through the SBIR Program, S-K Environmental developed a novel solution for construction sites that has a 97 percent...

Volpe’s Recent Reports Inform the Future of Aviation

Covers of several Volpe aviation reports

October 16, 2017

Aviation is a particular focus of Volpe’s work across modes, with recent work in global positioning system resilience, energy and the environment, navigation and surveillance, aviation safety, and much more. Check out these recent aviation-related reports highlighting a wide...

Here’s How Volpe Helps FAA Lay the Foundation for the Aviation System of the Future

Cover of Volpe report on aviation showing an airplane landing against a setting sun

October 16, 2017

Find out in this new brochure how Volpe experts help the Federal Aviation Administration design, develop, and deploy the aviation system of the future.

Safer at Any Speed: Cybersafety for Connected Vehicles

Logo of Volpe's 2017 speaker series, The Ongoing Transformation of the Global Transportation System

October 13, 2017

Joshua Corman, the second speaker in Volpe's 2017 series, The Ongoing Transformation of the Global Transportation System, discussed cybersafety in an increasingly hackable world.

Autonomy for Humans in the 21st Century City

Jeffrey Schnapp speaks at U.S. DOT's Volpe Center.

October 5, 2017

Jeffrey Schnapp kicked off Volpe’s new speaker series, The Ongoing Transformation of the Global Transportation System, with his human-centric vision for the autonomous vehicle revolution. 

Reducing Aviation Noise, Advancing the Aviation Enterprise

An airplane flying over Boston near Boston Logan International Airport

October 2, 2017

Earlier this year, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, the Federal Aviation Administration, and NASA convened a workshop on aviation noise that included leaders from government, academia, and aviation industry groups. Experts at the...

Last-Mile Delivery: The Holy Grail of Freight Logistics

A delivery van

September 14, 2017

Matthias Winkenbach of MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics discusses solutions to delivering goods and services to dense urban centers, and the complex dynamism of cities that impacts urban last-mile distribution.

The Volpe Center is DOT’s ‘Nerd Lab’—and Much More

Pilot looking out the window of a plane at a drone

August 3, 2017

Connected vehicles. Unmanned aircraft. Worldwide vessel tracking. Find out why Politico featured the Volpe Center’s multimodal expertise in its recent tour of federal government nerd labs.


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