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New Pavement System...Supported by Solar Panels?

January 19, 2016

One of the ways the U.S. Department of Transportation serves the American public is by working with small businesses to find new ways to improve our nation’s roadways. In 2009, the Small Business Innovation Research program solicited research on a topic sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration: to develop a new pavement that could generate power and transfer it to the power grid.

Realizing Self-Driving Vehicles

An image of a Google self-driving vehicle prototype.

January 7, 2016

Eventually, self-driving vehicles will reshape the way we live in, and move through, our communities and cities. In his talk at Volpe, Director of Google's Self-Driving Car Program Chris Urmson shared stories and lessons, along with Google’s vision for how these vehicles will become a reality.

Re-Programming Mobility 2030: Scenarios of Digital Transformation in Metropolitan America

A pin stuck in a technological device showing a map.

January 6, 2016

Anthony Townsend, senior research scientist at New York University’s Rudin Center, discussed the signals of our increasingly programmable world and examined mobility in an age of programmability, indentifying four broad scenarios for America’s transportation future.

Innovation: It’s More Than a Buzzword

A graphic of business people holding various devices with GPS over a background of intersecting roads.

January 6, 2016

Earth-shattering innovations rarely happen in a vacuum. From Sputnik to Apollo 11, the Model T to self-driving cars, every transportation technology that challenged us to rethink mobility rose out of entire teams of engineers and designers who bucked convention. Ken Gabriel, president and CEO of Draper, discusses what it takes to be innovative.

Industry Disruption: How Connectivity Is Redefining Personal Mobility

A graphic of a connected vehicle.

December 15, 2015

In his talk for Volpe's speaker series Reimagining Transportation, Harry Lightsey, executive director of the Global Connected Customer Experience for General Motors, identified four foundational changes happening in the auto industry that are connecting vehicles to each other, to infrastructure, and to us—the drivers and passengers.

Reducing Light-Duty Vehicle Energy Use and GHG Emissions

A concept image for fuel efficient cars, showing a small car with a road of green grass behind it.

December 11, 2015

John Heywood, who spoke as part of Volpe’s Reimagining Transportation series, identifies three themes for transportation professionals working on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Small Business Innovation Research Program Makes Crossing the Street Safer

December 9, 2015

With the growing numbers of pedestrian fatalities in mind, the Federal Highway Administration, through U.S. DOT's Small Business Innovation Research program, awarded a contract to develop a traffic signal interface app for smartphones called SmartCross.

NASA’s Vision for Transformative Aeronautics

 An future aircraft design concept from NASA research partner Lockheed Martin. (NASA photo)

November 20, 2015

NASA Director of Airspace Operations and Safety John Cavolowsky discusses coming changes in aeronautics, unmanned aerial systems, and how to find inspiration beyond aviation.

User and Machine: Secrets to a Harmonious Marriage

A man wearing a suit standing below a large set of metal gears.

October 27, 2015

For more than a century, Americans have had a special relationship with their cars. But with great leaps in automobile automation that could remove driver control, that relationship is suffering existential growing pains, according to Donald Fisher, principal technical advisor at Volpe and the third speaker in Volpe’s Reimagining Transportation speaker series.

A Forward View of NextGen, America’s Biggest Infrastructure Project

FAA’s Assistant Administrator for NextGen Edward Bolton presents at Volpe.

October 19, 2015

FAA Assistant Administrator for NextGen Edward Bolton discusses how programs of today will help modernize our nation’s controlled airspace for the future. Bolton spoke as part of Volpe's new speaker series Reimagining Transportation.