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The Ongoing Transformation of the Global Transportation System

A New Speaker Series

Automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, sensing technology, and computing will transform the future of travel and commerce. Technological advances continue to change the national and global transportation landscape at an unprecedented pace.

As the private sector drives innovation across all modes, there is potential for dramatic impacts on the safety and efficiency of the future transportation system and the composition of the nation’s transportation workforce.

The U.S. DOT Volpe Center’s 2017 speaker series—The Ongoing Transformation of the Global Transportation System—is exploring challenges and opportunities affecting the advancement of transportation systems.

The Ongoing Transformation of the Global Transportation System continues the U.S. DOT Volpe Center’s long history of convening thought leaders, decision makers, and stakeholders from across the global transportation enterprise to anticipate future transportation issues, generate fresh approaches to emerging issues, anticipate transportation trends, and inform decision making.

For over 45 years, the Volpe Center has helped U.S. DOT and the broader transportation community navigate its most challenging problems. Renowned for multidisciplinary and multimodal expertise, Volpe’s mission is to improve transportation by anticipating and addressing emerging and future issues and advancing technical, operational, and institutional innovation.

Join the conversation with our speakers via webinar or in person.

Event News and Video

Putting Safety in the Driver's Seat

October 26, 2017

Harry M. Lightsey III
Executive Director, Emerging Technologies Policy, General Motors North America Public Policy

Technology is advancing, societal trends are changing, and new visions for self-driving vehicles are emerging. Harry Lightsey of General Motors provided a manufacturer’s perspective on how self-driving cars are putting safety in the driver’s seat.

Read the news story "Putting Safety in the Driver’s Seat" and view video highlights from this event.

Rethinking the Human-Autonomy Team Architecture

October 17, 2017

Amy R. Pritchett
Professor and Head of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Pennsylvania State University

With automation appearing more and more across daily life—including in air and ground travel—tasks we think of as belonging to humans may soon be taken over by computers, and there could be consequences that haven’t yet been imagined, said Amy Pritchett, who talked about transportation system architectures for how humans and autonomous systems can interact. 

Read the news story "Rethinking the Human-Autonomy Architecture" and view video highlights from this event.

Safer at Any Speed: Cybersafety for Connected Vehicles

October 5, 2017

Joshua Corman
Director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative, the Atlantic Council

Things everywhere are getting smarter—and increasingly connected. But the more connected things are, the more hackable they become. So far, connectivity is outpacing cybersafety, according to Joshua Corman, who discussed cybersafety in an increasingly hackable world.

Read the news story "Safer at Any Speed: Cybersafety for Connected Vehicles" and view video highlights from this event.

Autonomy for Humans in the 21st Century City

September 21, 2017

Jeffrey Schnapp
Co-Director, Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, Founder/Director, metaLAB (at) Harvard

Jeffrey Schnapp kicked off Volpe’s 2017 speaker series with his human-centric vision for the autonomous vehicle revolution. 

Read the news story "Autonomy for Humans in the 21st Century City" and view video highlights from this event.

Updated: Thursday, November 16, 2017
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