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Policy, Planning, and Environment

What We Do

Our Center for Policy, Planning, and Environment provides a full range of planning, evaluation, and execution support to transportation decision makers at all levels of government, industry, and academia.

Our economic analysis, organizational performance, and transportation planning groups provide information to support smart investments in the planning, development, management, operations, and financing of transportation systems and agencies at local, regional, state, and federal levels. Our contributions include

  • Alternative transportation systems at national parks
  • Cost-benefit analyses of transportation policies
  • Design and implementation of national transportation workforce development strategies and programs

Our energy and environmental groups conduct measurements, develop computer models, and analyze data in the areas of climate variability, air quality, and noise. Our work equips transportation decision makers with the information necessary to

  • Design energy and environmental policy
  • Drive reductions in carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions
  • Promote energy independence
  • Prepare our nation and the world for the potential impacts of climate change

We maintain substantial expertise in transportation and environmental policy, compliance, and sustainability, including support of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).


Our work is organized into eight divisions—each specializing in a different facet or discipline of policy, planning, energy, and environment in transportation:

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