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EFB COTS Software Manufacturers

The information on this page is intended to complement the Volpe Center's 2015 EFB Industry Survey. This document provides an overview of EFB/PED systems and capabilities as of July 2015, and focuses on the EFB user interface for both hardware and software.

EFB software manufacturers can be classified into two categories. Some manufacturers offer an integrated and customizable EFB software package that integrates several functions and/or software applications. This integration offers a comprehensive solution by allowing software from one or more manufacturers to be accessed through a single user interface. In some cases, the applications may have a similar look and feel. Other manufacturers offer commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software that provide isolated functions or applications that have not been integrated, customized, or tailored for a particular platform. In this case, the user (pilot or airline) must integrate (i.e., install and configure) the software with third-party hardware.

This webpage was created to provide information on COTS software manufacturers and the product(s) they offer for use on EFBs or PEDs (e.g., laptops and tablets). The information was gathered via internet searches, vendor demonstrations, and product literature, and is accurate as of July 2015. Visit manufacturer websites for the most up-to-date product information, as software products change frequently. If you are a manufacturer who would like to be added (or removed) to this table or would simply like to provide updated information, please contact

The information in the EFB COTS Software Manufacturers Table is intended to provide a snapshot of the available COTS software for EFBs and PEDs; neither the Volpe Center nor the FAA endorses any of the products in the table.

The table contains the following information:

  • Column 1 contains the name of the manufacturer. Each manufacturer's name is hyperlinked to their website.
  • Column 2 contains the specific product name(s). The product names are hyperlinked to the website for that specific product, if available.
  • Columns 3 - 20 identify different functionality of COTS software for EFBs: a filled circle (●) indicates that the software currently offers that particular functionality. Any additional functionality that a product offers beyond those identified in columns 1-19 are listed under "Other" (column 20).
  • The last four columns of the table describe the operating system(s) (OS) compatible with each software product, if that information was specified (e.g., Windows, Linux, iOS, Android). 

View PDF: EFB Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software Manufacturers (Sept 2010).

Updated: Wednesday, April 4, 2018