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Towards 2050: Options for Reducing Light-Duty Vehicle Energy Use and GHG Emissions

John B. Heywood, PhD

Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Sun Jae Professor, Emeritus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What reductions can we realistically, over time, expect? As yet, there are only a few inherently promising options. How can we cut through the hype and use the resources we have to best effect?

Dr. John B. Heywood addressed these questions during Volpe's newest thought leadership series, Reimagining Transportation.

About the Speaker

John B. Heywood.Dr. John B. Heywood has been a faculty member at MIT since 1968, where he has been Sun Jae Professor of Mechanical Engineering and director of the Sloan Automotive Laboratory. His interests are focused on internal combustion engines, their fuels, and broader studies of future transportation technology and policy, fuel supply options, and air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions. 

He has published over 225 papers in the technical literature and is the author of five books, including a major text and professional reference Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals.  He is a Fellow of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Dr. Heywood holds a PhD from MIT, a DSc from Cambridge University, and honorary degrees from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and City University, London.

The views of the presenter do not necessarily reflect those of U.S. DOT.

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