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Advanced Transportation Technologies

What We Do

Our Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies is dedicated to exploring innovative applications of advanced communications, navigation, and information technologies to enhance transportation safety, mobility, and energy/environmental performance.

We focus on vehicle crash avoidance, electronic systems safety and resilience, technology assessment, field test and evaluation, strategic planning, and research program management.

Our work helps:

  • Improve the safety and mobility of the motoring public
  • Predict the safety benefits of advanced automotive technologies
  • Promote the development and successful deployment of advanced surface transportation technologies
  • Develop policy options, strategies, and tools for policy makers
  • Identify research needs and seek innovative solutions, with emphasis on leveraging the creativity of small businesses


  • Advanced transportation technology assessment
  • Analysis of institutional issues and technology policies
  • Policy option identification and comparison
  • Policy and implementation procedure development
  • Motor vehicle crash analysis
  • Crash countermeasure development
  • Safe reliability evaluation of automotive electronic systems
  • Vehicle safety system testing
  • Field operational test evaluation
  • Safety analysis of rechargeable energy storage systems


Our work is organized into two divisions—each specializing in a different facet of advanced surface transportation technologies:

Featured Work

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